Welcome Operators! Please Read the Below Information

Welcome Operators to a new way to play military games. This is JSOG Leader, a.k.a JSOG Joker. You are all about to embark on a new gaming journey by utilizing real-world military tactics and communications inside a video game. This is what we call MilSim, or Military Simulation. 

Some of you might be wondering why I have decided to take up this new mantle; well, let me explain. In today's gaming field, many people are claiming to be MilSim Teams. When I step back and look at it, all I see is wannabes trying to make themselves feel better because of their small adolescent dicks. They are corrupt and misuse the word MilSim. These "MilSim" Teams are nothing but people who try hard and don't actually use tactics but rather run-and-gun techniques.

Because of these views, I decided to bring back a relic of the past and show these teams what true MilSim is.

The goals here are simple; we will be utilizing real-world tactics that we can utilize properly in the video game world.  We will be using communications that help spot and pinpoint enemy combatants. Using intelligence and consistent trigger discipline with shooting practice will help us prevail in this new world.

There are a few things that we need to mention and discuss, along with proper values. I will list the values below.








These are the basic values of this team. We will follow them and remain as professional as we can. With these values comes some basic rules, they are as follows;


1) We will not t-bag one another

2) We will be courteous and respectful to others

3) We will not let others get to our heads or let ourselves get into our own heads.


We will be adding more rules and regulations in the future, but these are the basics and the most important. With that, I hope everybody here is looking forward to this new chapter in gaming and that we can have fun and show what a real MilSim team is.


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me or our second-in-command, JSOG Reaper.